‘Power’ Season 3: Holly Tells Tommy ‘I Did What You Should Have Done’, Consequences? (VIDEO)

When we left the characters of “Power”, Holly made a fateful decision to bypass Tommy and hire the Jamaicans to take out Ghost. During episode 5, “Help Me”, we get further into the mess she has set in motion. Tommy had just survived a hit, which Holly thought came at the hand of Lobos for … Read more

Andy Bean as Greg Knox on "Power" STARZ

‘Power’ Season 3: Holly Is Tired Of Tommy’s Weakness, Goes Rogue To Save Them Both

“Power” began the episode “Don’t Worry Baby”, with morning scenes in three households. Ghost/Jamie, Tasha and Angela were getting dressed for the day, all donning black undergarments as Mr. and Mrs. St. Patrick spoke on the phone about their son’s therapy session, with Miss Valdes hearing one end of the conversation. Damn they are good looking folks, … Read more

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson as Kanan in season 3 of "Power" on STARZ

‘Power’ Season 3: Kanan Is Back and Still Crispy, Cousin Jukebox Puts Him To Shame

“Power” demonstrated that it can surprise you, just when you thought you were settled into the main story lines of season 3. In  the episode titled, “I Got This On Lock”, a familiar face, albeit changed due to injury, was joined by a fresh one, who is about to become James St. Patrick/Ghost’s new nightmare. … Read more

Lucy Walters as Holly, on Season 3 of "Power" on STARZ

‘Power’ Season 3 ‘It’s Never Over’: Holly’s Got Tommy By The….. (VIDEO)

During episode 2 of Power’s new season 3, “It’s Never Over”, Tommy Egan demonstrated why he wasn’t ready to assume the top role vacated by Ghost; he was unable to take out his brother in arms and former business partner. He agreed to meet James St. Patrick in person, with intentions to kill him. The … Read more

Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora as Jamie St. Patirck and Tommy Egan, "Power" season 3 on STARZ

‘Power’ Season 3 Premiere: Who’s Alive, Who’s Dead And Who Wishes He Were? (VIDEO)

“Power” returned for season 3 on its new night, Sunday and the STARZ drama delivered with a powerful premiere, “Call Me James”. James St. Patrick prefers his given name to his street name of Ghost, and says so to all, including estranged wife Tasha who cannot fathom the idea of her husband being out of … Read more