Lucy Walters, Joe Sikora

POWER Recap: Holly Talks, Ghost Is Clueless And Stern Is Kinky

During the latest episode of POWER, the Starz original drama, we got a glimpse at how powerful Tommy and Holly can be. In “Who You Are and Who You Want To Be”. Ghost set in motion a way to satisfy the latest demands of Lobos, but Tommy had a much better plan, and he executed it … Read more

Lucy Walters

POWER Preview: Will Holly Do The Time To Shield Tommy and Ghost?

It’s time to pay up tonight on POWER, as the STARZ original drama presents “Who You Are and Who You Want To Be”. Tommy pays a visit to Kanan’s crew looking for the big man and has to back away from a bag full of cash shoved at him. Recoiling in horror, as if someone … Read more

50 Cent

POWER Update/Recap: Ghost Getting Squeezed by Kanan And Angela

The name of the game tonight is trust which if you are a fan of the STARZ hit series POWER, is something you know is in very short supply. In episode four of this second season titled, “You’re The Only Person I Can Trust”, we are in a post-Miami world. That means that Angela’s ready … Read more

Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren

POWER “Like Any Other Couple” Recap: Who Does Ghost Side With, Tommy or Angela?

POWER presented the episode “Like We’re Any Other Couple”, and this couple, this particular couple of Ghost and Angela are not like any other couple. Well, they are if other couples are suspicious of each other and one person is investigating crimes perpetrated by the other, unbeknownst to her. Now we can add to the … Read more