Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal season 6 finale

‘Scandal’ Recap ‘Tick Tock’: Everybody Wants To Rule the World, Right Olivia?

“Scandal” capped season six with “Tick Tock: Transfer of Power”, the season finale and it was a Pope family reunion of the finest sort. Although we thought Maya Pope was behind the Peus & Associates plan to assassinate Frankie Vargas, it turns out that she was merely a hired gun. Yes, the plot that took … Read more

Khandi Alexander as Maya Pope on "Scandal"

‘Scandal’ RECAP: Big Reveals About OPA and Peus’ Boss Who’s Scary As Heck

“Scandal” presented the episode “Head Games”, as the show heads into its season finale with the big reveal we asked for: who was behind Peus and Associates? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. It’s someone that Papa Pope fears, and hasn’t taken out despite multiple opportunities. Yet, only he can make her go away. Yes, it was Maya … Read more

Joe Morton as Eli Pope with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on "Scandal"

‘Scandal’ Recap of ‘Mercy’ Episode: ‘You Don’t Take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope Takes You’

“Scandal” season six reached its first episode without flashbacks in “Mercy”. The first scene was present day, the morning after the night that Fitz and Olivia fell into the White House residence bedroom. However, she awoke looking a bit unsure of where she was. Yes, as Jake mentioned later in the show, Olivia Pope and … Read more

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on "Scandal"

‘Scandal’: #Olitz Season One And #Olitz Now, No Comparison

“Scandal” aired a bonus episode last night on ABC. Instead of the next installment of “Grey’s Anatomy”, we got a replay from “Scandal” season one. It was the perfect intro for “Trojan Horse” episode of season six, because it included the moment that Olivia Pope and then Governor Fitzgerald Grant fell in love and formed … Read more