‘Scandal’ Recap of ‘Buckle Up’: Olivia Fears The Pope Family Curse

“Scandal” pushed forward in “Buckle Up” with Olivia Pope off her game and outwitted by her proteg√© Abby. Ultimately, after a titanic face-off between them, with Abby throwing Liv’s ego and disdain in her mentor’s face, it seems they realized they are most effective if they band together. The more important story about Olivia is … Read more

SCANDAL ‘Thwack’ Recap: Olivia Needs a Rehab, Not Papa Pope’s House

In “Thwack”, SCANDAL reminded us that PTSD doesn’t go away by ignoring it, as Olivia Pope lost control with dire consequences.¬†You knew we were about to see something out of the norm when the episode began with a warning about viewers using discretion, because what they were about to see was disturbing. Oh, it was … Read more

Artemis Pebdani as VP Susan Ross on "Scandal"

SCANDAL Preview: Susan Ross Political Ad, ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ (VIDEO)

Susan Ross has approved an ad for her bid to be the GOP nominee for president and on tonight’s SCANDAL episode, “The Miseducation of Susan Ross”, it’s only a question of time before other ads are running on the air. Those would be negative, stemming from opposition research. When Ross’ campaign team looks at her … Read more

SCANDAL - "Pencils Down", Hollis Doyle

SCANDAL ‘Pencils Down’ Recap: Olivia’s Sexual Revenge After Jake’s Plot Revealed

During “Pencils Down” we learned that SCANDAL’s writers are having loads of fun with the current presidential election cycle. Because Hollis Doyle has always been a blowhard and as powerful as his threats take him, his demonstration of manliness made sense. Who else didn’t wonder if you can cook bacon, complete with a delicious smoky … Read more

Darby Stanchfield, Tony Goldwyn on "Scandal"

SCANDAL ‘I See You’ Recap: Cyrus Sleeps With the Fishes, And Abby’s Proud

SCANDAL turned a corner in “I See You”, and the deck of cards was shuffled for everyone. Abby was given a choice to make her dreams comes true and be an Olivia Pope-like authority figure, but it involved bumping off Cyrus Beene. The family boss a/k/a President Fitzgerald Grant gave her the opportunity to earn … Read more