SCANDAL Recap: Jake Tells Olivia, ‘You Know What I’m Doing’ and So Did We, Right?

SCANDAL aired “The Fish Rots From the Head”, and there was plenty of love-making, because President Fitzgerald Grant is in his slut phase as he moves through the post-Olivia Pope era. As you can see from the video posted below, Olivia began to lecture Fitz, in the Oval no less, and the two begin a … Read more

The "help" at Liza Sandler's moving party on "Secrets and Wives"

SECRETS AND WIVES Season Finale RECAP: What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Liza Sandler is “Burning Down the House” on tonight’s season finale of Bravo’s SECRETS AND WIVES. Well, not literally burning it, but if you take a gander at the photo posted above, you’ll get the point by checking out the “help” at Liza’s party to commemorate her move from the family home. Here’s hoping there … Read more

Secrets and Wives

SECRETS AND WIVES Recap: Jonathan Crosses a Line at Son’s Birthday Party

SECRETS AND WIVES picked up where it left off last week: in Fire Island. There was rehashing of Amy’s engagement story as well as the Jonathan Doneson performace, so to speak, at Cori’s dinner party. Susan absorbed the judgement and the ladies knew they had beat the subject to death. In an attempt to show … Read more

SECRETS AND WIVES Recap: Susan Is a Sucker for Jonathan, Amy Totally Understands

The ladies of SECRETS AND WIVES found themselves in the midst of a drag show on Fire Island in the episode “Flock of Sea-Gals”, as they grappled with Susan and Amy’s dysfunctional relationships. It was the comic relief in the midst of the fallout from the dinner party that went wrong. Anyone think that more … Read more

Jonathan Doneson

SECRETS AND WIVES Recap: Is There A Solution to The Jonathan Problem?

SECRETS AND WIVES went all out on its latest episode, “Nuttin’ But a V-Thing” to demonstrate how the girls support each other. Cori Goldfarb bared her lady parts to promote new services at her and hubby Sandy’s spa business. Sounds a bit odd, but in context, as they say in Hollywood, it made sense. Rejuvenation … Read more