Sister Wives: Will Robyn Make the Mortgage Cut? (VIDEO)

Tonight, the wives are closing in on their homes. But, will they be able to close the mortgages? At one point—for many years, in fact—the Browns lived happily in one home in Utah. Do you remember how they came to live in Vegas? Watch the following and get the inside scoop from the source! Now, … Read more

Sister Wives: Are Fans Losing Interest in the Browns’ Pain?

The Brown family is pushing to be in their homes—their gigantic homes—by Christmas. Typical delays, mistakes and poor planning on their own part are making that look less and less likely. But, here is the question: Is anybody going to care by the time Christmas rolls around? Fans seem to be losing patience with the … Read more

Sister Wives Not United on My Sisterwife’s Closet

It’s the beginning of a new season for the Sister Wives, and the drama is rolling right out of the gate. Building four new houses—really HUGE houses, might I add—the fact that the families need to make a lot of money is a no-brainer. Laying aside the fact that, in reality, the family’s main income … Read more