Dan and Laura Dotson, "Storage Wars"

Dan and Laura Dotson Statement On ‘Storage Wars’ Season 10 Absence and Their Return

“Storage Wars” Season 10 premiered with back-to-back episodes without auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson. In their place was Emily Wears, a new face with a new process. The regulars gossiped about it, but there were many changes for the cast; this was only one of them. We published a list of what’s different this season. … Read more

Dan and Laura Dotson

‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Dan and Laura Return, Dave Hester Disgusted and Shows It

Dan and Laura Dotson made their first appearance on the new season of “Storage Wars” in the episode titled “Bright Lights, Big Biddies”. Season 10 has brought major changes for the show, including a new auctioneer.  Emily Wears made her debut during the first two episodes aired last week. She’s young and has a different … Read more

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz part of "Storage Wars" cast.

‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Big Changes for Mary Padian, Darrell, Jarrod and Brandi Too

Updated: Dotsons’ official comments on absence from season 10 “Storage Wars” Season 10 kicked off with two new episodes and plenty has changed. Not only were the Dotsons not heading up the auctions, but the buyers had a lot of news to report about their personal lives and businesses. Emily Wears is the new auctioneer and … Read more

Emily Wears, auctioneer on season 10 "Storage Wars"

‘Storage Wars’ New Season and New Auctioneer, Who Is Emily Wears?

Updated: Season 10 surprise: Kenny returned – is Barry far behind? “Storage Wars” Season 10 kicked off in Orange County, CA. In “Stakes, Buys and Video Games”, there was plenty of money to be made. “These are the lockers we dream of”, said Darrell Sheets, quoting another member of the show’s regular cast, Rene Nezhoda. Yes, … Read more