Mary Padian, Ivy Calvin in Palm Springs, CA on "Storage Wars"

‘Storage Wars’: Dave Hester and Mary Padian Team Up, Say What? (VIDEO)

UPDATED: New season 10, a new look, new auctioneer.  Did you catch the “Storage Wars” episode from Palm Springs, “Auctions Arriba!”? If you did, something occurred that was so unlikely you might have bet the house against it. Yes, Mary Padian and David Hester agreed to do business together and there’s video to prove it. … Read more

‘Storage Wars’: Watch Brandi & Jarrod’s Vodka Surprise, Rene Nezhoda’s Peanuts (VIDEO)

We got new back-to-back episodes of “Storage Wars” on A&E last night, and the two shows had something in common. Rene Nezhoda was in attendance and in one he was accompanied by his dad Gunter. Have you seen him before? Gunter is as funny, if not funnier than his son, but with long, bushy hair and … Read more