Brani and Jarrod

STORAGE WARS: In Bellflower Jarrod Crashes Brandi’s Car, Dan Dotson on a Diet?

STORAGE WARS visited the city of Bellflower last night on A&E. In “Leader of the Packed”, the title refers to the lockers that were so full, one unit’s door wouldn’t open all the way. Brandi and Jarrod arrived ready to buy and then it became important for them to make a profit on some lockers. … Read more

Mary Padian

Mary Padian’s Texas Act On STORAGE WARS, More Please or Make It Stop?

STORAGE WARS had its all-star lineup last night during the episode “Fontan-o-rama”, meaning Mary Padian, Dave Hester, Darrell and Brandon as well as Brandi and Jarrod. Sorry to fans of Ivy and Rene, who bring all kinds of fun/aggravation, but except for the long lost and very much missed Barry Weiss, this is the cast … Read more

Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz

Brandi & Jarrod Back Tonight on STORAGE WARS in Santa Ana

STORAGE WARS welcomes the return of the duo known as Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz tonight as the auction action shifts to good old Santa Ana, California. Along for this particular ride are The Gambler Darrell Sheets, auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson and the Texas pistol herself, Mary Padian. None of the auction bidders are … Read more

Mary Padian Intimidated? STORAGE WARS Goes to Palm Springs Tonight

STORAGE WARS is all new tonight on A&E and in the episode “Gambler of Thrones” the big guy battle of Darrell vs. Rene is renewed. Have you seen the “new” Darrell Sheets, who has slimmed down from his top weight of a year ago. It’s not what you would call svelte, but there’s less of … Read more

Mary Padian

STORAGE WARS No. Hollywood Hustle: Hester vs. Rene Backfires For Dave

STORAGE WARS returned with new episodes in North Hollywood and Huntington Beach and there’s a little bit of something new along with the regulars. Who Was There? Dave Hester, Rene and Casey, Mary Padian, Ivy Calvin and assorted odd balls. Dan and Laura were in control of the auctions Who Was Missing? Darrell and Brandon, … Read more