Mary Padian Shakes Up Brandon Sheets on STORAGE WARS

UPDATED: Season 10 and Mary’s got online story, and Brandon Sheets isn’t around STORAGE WARS introduces a new face to the auction of storage lockers in Southern California as Mary Padian from STORAGE WARS: TEXAS arrives to challenge the regulars on their home turf. Mary is petite, pretty and aggressive, provoking Darrell Sheets to tell … Read more

STORAGE WARS VIDEO Preview: Best of Darrell, Then Dave Hester

STORAGE WARS presents new back-to-back shows tonight Tuesday August 26. At 9 p.m. ET on A&E, spend some quality time with the tank top twins, Darrel and Brandon Sheets. Then sit back and enjoy the new Dave Hester era of STORAGE WARS. Mr. YUUUP returned for this new season of the show, and he’s been … Read more