Eric Dane as Tom Chandler, out of uniform on season four of TNT's "The Last Ship"

‘The Last Ship” Season 4: Eric Dane’s Got a New Look, Show Has New Focus Outside U.S.

TNT dropped a season 4 trailer for “The Last Ship” and Eric Dane as Tom Chandler has a brand new look. The photo posted above says it all. No longer clean-shaven and buttoned up as a Commander in the United States Navy, Chandler’s trying to lay low. He and his family moved out of the … Read more

Eric Dane as Tom Chandler in "The Last Ship"

‘The Last Ship’ Fans Wish Eric Dane Well As He Steps Away To Deal With Depression

TNT announced it was suspending production of its hit summer series “The Last Ship” through Memorial Day. It was the reason that concerned and surprised everyone. ┬áVariety first reported the news Sunday April 30, that the production is “…temporarily shut down at the request of star Eric Dane, who suffers from depression.” According to a … Read more

Eric Dane

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Finale: Tom Chandler Is Human After All, Recalls Dr. Scott’s Mistake

“The Last Ship” Season 3 finale was breathtaking in its scope. What it accomplished in one episode, and with a tip of the cap to “The Godfather”, settled all scores, but who saw the last scene coming? Tom Chandler took off his uniform, saluted his crew and asked Commander Mike Flattery, “Permission to go ashore … Read more

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Tom Chandler Came Home As Public Enemy #1, Of Course He Did (VIDEO)

“The Last Ship” presents “Resistance”, the penultimate episode of season 3. Tom Chandler is on his way back to the United States along with the crew of the USS Nathan James. After vanquishing Peng on a mission that was not sanctioned by his government, he’s become public enemy #1. UPDATE/RECAP posted below. “Tom Chandler was … Read more

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Tom Chandler Unleashed, United States Divided, But Tex is Back! (VIDEO)

“The Last Ship” season 3 has reached another crossroads for the country of the United States and as a consequence of that, for CNO Tom Chandler. In the episode, “Legacy” Chandler, Mike Slattery and his senior team are in post-mutiny mode, having taken back control of the USS Nathan James. Preview next episode: Chandler headed … Read more