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‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Finale: Tom Chandler Is Human After All, Recalls Dr. Scott’s Mistake

“The Last Ship” Season 3 finale was breathtaking in its scope. What it accomplished in one episode, and with a tip of the cap to “The Godfather”, settled all scores, but who saw the last scene coming? Tom Chandler took off his uniform, saluted his crew and asked Commander Mike Flattery, “Permission to go ashore … Read more

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Tom Chandler Came Home As Public Enemy #1, Of Course He Did (VIDEO)

“The Last Ship” presents “Resistance”, the penultimate episode of season 3. Tom Chandler is on his way back to the United States along with the crew of the USS Nathan James. After vanquishing Peng on a mission that was not sanctioned by his government, he’s become public enemy #1. UPDATE/RECAP posted below. “Tom Chandler was … Read more

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Tom Chandler Unleashed, United States Divided, But Tex is Back! (VIDEO)

“The Last Ship” season 3 has reached another crossroads for the country of the United States and as a consequence of that, for CNO Tom Chandler. In the episode, “Legacy” Chandler, Mike Slattery and his senior team are in post-mutiny mode, having taken back control of the USS Nathan James. Preview next episode: Chandler headed … Read more

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Kara Green Becomes Key After Tom Chandler Declared The Enemy (VIDEO)

During the latest episode of “The Last Ship” season 3, Tom Chandler declares, “The White House has been compromised”, and it brings up a chain of command dilemma. Does Chandler obey the order, or decide the world is better served if he and the USS Nathan James do what he thinks is in the best … Read more

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Ep. 9: Ambush At Sea, Has Peng Delivered a Death Blow? (VIDEO)

Season 3 of “The Last Ship” has flown by, and multiple threads are still hanging in episode 9 “Paradise”. At least one is the fate of people around the world who have yet to get the cure. Thanks to President Peng of China, his Asian neighbors have and will continue to die in droves despite … Read more