‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Ep. 9: Ambush At Sea, Has Peng Delivered a Death Blow? (VIDEO)

Season 3 of “The Last Ship” has flown by, and multiple threads are still hanging in episode 9 “Paradise”. At least one is the fate of people around the world who have yet to get the cure. Thanks to President Peng of China, his Asian neighbors have and will continue to die in droves despite … Read more

Eric Dane as Cmdr. Tom Chandler on "The Last Ship" Season 3 "Sea Change"

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Is Chaos Expected After POTUS Burial And Suspected Chemical Weapon Found? (VIDEO)

“The Last Ship” presents the new episode “Sea Change” that picks up in the aftermath of the suicide of President Jeffrey Michener, found in his bedroom by Kara Green. She was barging in to give him the welcome news that the USS Nathan James had begun to communicate with them after surviving the mines at … Read more

MIke Slattery, Tom Chandler and crew listen as Takehaya advises them how to get out of danger on "The Last Ship" Season 3 episode "In the Dark"

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Takehaya Turns, POTUS Exposed…Chaos Expected (Extended Clip)

“The Last Ship” chose to humanize the pirate king Takehaya in the episode “In the Dark”, and despite fear he was untrustworthy¬†he got the Nathan James past the minefields he’d planted in the water off China. It saved the ship and all those on it, including Takehaya’s wife and new baby boy. He became a … Read more

Hiroyuki Sanada as Takehaya the pirate on "The Last Ship" Season 3

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 ‘Dog Day’: Takehaya Blinks, Who Lived Through the Rescue? (VIDEO)

“It’s not over ’til we’re dead”, Mike Slattery said to the pirate king Takehaya, in “Dog Day”, the latest episode of “The Last Ship”, as Chandler and the team got closer to the remote island where he and his crew members were held prisoner. The new XO slipped away as the crew was being asked … Read more

"The Last Ship", Episode 5 of Season 3 "Minefield" on TNT

‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Minefields Everywhere, Including Sasha in Chandler’s Private Quarters

“The Last Ship” episode, “Minefield”¬†went deeper into the political vs. military aspects of the worldwide conflict playing out on the water off the coast of China. President Jeffrey Michener had to decide whether to throw a bone to his critics in the U.S. or stay the course and allow Capt. Tom Chandler to handle his … Read more