Evil Warlords and Politicians Greet THE LAST SHIP in Season Finale

THE LAST SHIP season finale may have been titled, “No Place Like Home” but it sure didn’t feel like it for the crew of the USS Nathan James. SPOILERS ahead! It’s one thing to expect human suffering, it’s another to realize that you are not being hailed as heroes, despite having the cure for the … Read more

Preview THE LAST SHIP Season Finale: Is It Too Late To Save Anyone? (VIDEO)

Welcome to the season finale of THE LAST SHIP. The USS Nathan James is heading home with a known cure for the deadly virus that has ravaged the planet. What will Cmdr. Tom Chandler and crew find? In the video clip posted below, you’ll see Chandler, ¬†Slattery and Dr. Scott observe satellite images of an … Read more

THE LAST SHIP: USS Nathan James Heading Home For Season Finale

Dr. Scott to the rescue once more on the latest episode of THE LAST SHIP “Trials”, but not before the loss of another sailor’s life. The vaccine needed to be tested on humans, and volunteers lined up. Only six were needed for Dr. Scott’s test. She shot them up with a strain of the virus … Read more

Dr. Scott, Great Shot and Good Scientist on THE LAST SHIP

On this week’s episode of THE LAST SHIP titled “Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar…” the action scenes were certainly worthy of exec producer Michael Bay with a bit of Jack Bauer’s “24” thrown in for good measure. Sometimes we forget that this is a TV show built around a military theme, but not last … Read more