Bill Klein, Jen Arnold, Will and Zoey on "The LIttle Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE: Doggie Fashion Show at Bill’s Pet Store (VIDEO PREVIEW)

THE LITTLE COUPLE is all new tonight on TLC and we get a rare look at the other business in the household headed by Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. It’s Bill’s pet store, and it’s been a while since we spent any time there or even had a reference to it. UPDATE: Jen’s mom is … Read more

Zoey on "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: Will and Zoey Face Off In the Pool, Who Wins? (Video)

THE LITTLE COUPLE is all new tonight on TLC with “Safety First”and that means everywhere. Will and Zoey have been swimming for a couple of years now and their time in the pool began with very different reactions. Will took to it quickly and Zoey had a more cautious approach, to put it mildly. Remember … Read more

Will, Zoey, Jen and Bill on "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: Everyone’s Healthy, So It’s Back To School (VIDEO)

THE LITTLE COUPLE kicked off its latest set of shows last week with a fourth birthday celebration fit for a queen. That royalty would be Zoey Klein, who had a catered tea party with fun things to do, capped off by the appearance of Elsa, from Frozen. You could describe Zoey’s face and demeanor with … Read more

Bill, Jen and kids with Jen's mom at Halloween "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE: Extended Preview of Season Premiere, Will Shops For Zoey’s Fourth Birthday

Another season begins tonight for THE LITTLE COUPLE on TLC and we begin with Zoey’s fourth birthday. Part of the charm of the show comes from watching the kids grow and mature. What hasn’t changed is their emotional nature. In the video preview posted below, watch as Will shops for his sister’s present. Bill took … Read more

Will and Zoey

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: Watch Will Spot a Homeless Person in NYC (VIDEO)

THE LITTLE COUPLE takes the family back to New York City tonight on “An Open Book”. Jen and Bill have appointments with his spine doctor and there’s the business of their new book, “Life Is Short (No Pun Intended)”. The kids are along for the ride and that means fitting in fun things to do … Read more