LITTLE COUPLE: Jen Phones A Friend, Avoids ER For Zoey

THE LITTLE COUPLE featured the issue of a home accident that injured one of the kids during a recent episode, as Dr. Jen Arnold and hubby Bill settled in to life with two toddlers. Jen was home with the family when Zoey injured her head on the fireplace. Blood appeared from a cut. Should they … Read more

LITTLE COUPLE: Jen Says Zoey Comes First Despite Aggressive Cancer

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, a/k/a THE LITTLE COUPLE, demonstrated poise and maturity once again during last night’s show, “We’re In This Together”. Juggling cancer treatments while acclimating newly adopted daughter Zoey to the U.S. and a home with a family, just seems to come naturally to these two. Dr. Jen Arnold was diagnosed with¬†gestational … Read more

LITTLE COUPLE Preview: Are Jen and Bill Strongest Couple on TV?

THE LITTLE COUPLE returns to TLC tonight with one of the most serious episodes you’ll ever see. In the early part of the show titled, “Just Another Bump In The Road”, Jen and Bill are apart. Jen is already in Houston, having flown home to be examined after terrible cramping and unusual bleeding that occurred … Read more

Bill Puts Wife Jen First On THE LITTLE COUPLE (VIDEO)

During the latest episode of TLC’s THE LITTLE COUPLE, Bill and Jen had to split up while in India, leaving both children in the country with their daddy, while he went about completing what was necessary to obtain an exit visa for baby Zoey. Zoey was only days out of the orphanage and still clinging … Read more

LITTLE COUPLE Meet Zoey in Mumbai, Will Adores Little Sis’ (VIDEO)

We all welcomed Zoey on the season premiere of TLC’s THE LITTLE COUPLE¬† as did big brother Will and the happy parents, Jen and Bill. The journey from Houston, connecting to another flight in Newark, New Jersey through to Mumbai was 20 hours and gave Bill and Jen all they could handle. Will got airsick, … Read more