Marcus Lemonis on "The Profit" at Ashtae Products

‘The Profit’ at Ashtae Products: Marcus Lemonis Gets Hair Treatment, Loves It!

“The Profit” traveled to Greensboro, South Carolina to meet the owners of Ashtae Products, a regional player in the hair-care world. Its multi-cultural line grossed more than $1 million a year with sought-after products. Salons were always asking for more, but sometimes they had to wait, which was only one of the challenges faced by … Read more

Marcus Lemonis at Windward Boardshop on "The Profit"

‘The Profit’ at Windward Boardshop: Marcus Lemonis Transforms Store And Attitude

When Marcus Lemonis got skepticism and pushback from a feisty employee at Windward Boardshop, he loved the passion for the company’s culture and products. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Lemonis’ biggest challenge when “The Profit” landed in Chicago for it’s latest business project. The company’s main location was a landmark in the city since it opened in … Read more

Marcus Lemonis and Mary Ellen Handy on "The Profit" Season 5 premiere at Swim by Chuck Handy

‘The Profit’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: Marcus Lemonis Turns Swim By Chuck Handy Into Siloette Swimwear

“The Profit” kicked off its fifth season on CNBC Primetime with a deep dive into a failing family business, Swim by Chuck Handy. It was a classic example of the kind of turnaround Marcus Lemonis enjoys. It had a family of  hard-working people (parents and two kids) whose talent took them only so far before … Read more

‘The Profit’ Season Finale: Marcus Lemonis At Susana Monaco, Who’s In Charge? (VIDEO)

“The Profit” wraps up its season with Marcus Lemonis at work with New York fashion designer Susana Monaco. A turnaround is necessary for the business to survive, but there’s something or someone who is making things difficult at best. Update: recap posted below.  In the sneak peek video posted below, Marcus attempts to educate Ana, … Read more

‘The Profit’: Marcus Lemonis in Cuba, Impressed With Entrepreneurs in Oppressive Environment (VIDEO)

In a special episode of “The Profit”, Marcus Lemonis visits Cuba to meet entrepreneurs who work in an environment strikingly different from that which is examined in other episodes of the CNBC series. It’s what makes striving for success of tremendous interest. In promo material for show, the network uses the words “oppressive Communist regime” to … Read more