‘The Profit’ Season 4: Marcus At Murchison-Hume, Butts Heads with ‘Slightly Delusional’ Execs (VIDEO)

On the next episode of “The Profit” Marcus Lemonis visits with Murchison-Hume, maker of non-toxic cleaning products and as many of the small businesses helped by Marcus Lemonis, there is a very personal story attached to the founding of the company. Max Kater, former fashion editor went into the business in 2008, while she and … Read more

Marcus Lemonis, on "The Profit"

The Profit Season 4 at Honest Foods: Business Way Down, Employees Ready To Revolt? (VIDEO)

Marcus Lemonis stays close to home on the next episode of “The Profit”, Tuesday September 20 on CNBC. How to fix a business is always the challenge, and at Honest Foods a catering company in Chicago, it might be more about the owner’s unwillingness to cede control. UPDATE posted below.  Last week when Lemonis was … Read more

Marcus Lemonis on "The Profit" Season 4 with principals at Flex Watches

‘The Profit’ Season 4 : Marcus Lemonis At Flex Watches, Where Making a Difference Is Important (VIDEO)

“The Profit” features a company with a conscience tonight, as Marcus Lemonis take on the challenge of helping Flex Watches survive to continue its mission. The company’s website carries this slogan, “Time to make a difference,” and that is in serious jeopardy prior to Lemonis arriving. Recap-update posted below. The company, formed in 2011 by … Read more

‘The Profit’ Season 4: Marcus at The Soup Market, Where Death Of Co-Owner Has Business Reeling (VIDEO)

“The Profit” presents the next case of the entrepreneur master class taught by Marcus Lemonis, Tuesday September 6 on CNBC Primetime. He visits The Soup Market, based in Milwaukee and finds that the death of a co-owner has deeply affected the business. Marcus has a way of seeing through the unspoken issues and bringing them … Read more

Marcus Lemonis with the DiLascia crew

‘The Profit’ Season 4: Marcus at DiLascia in Los Angeles, Where the Fashion Business Is Fading (VIDEOS)

CNBC’s “The Profit” takes Marcus Lemonis to Los Angeles to see if he can restore the business of DiLascia, a clothing store and brand that’s fading. It’s got the earmarks of a classic episode, because when Marcus realizes that basic business principles are being ignored, he goes into overdrive. DiLascia’s decline is due to a … Read more