Chris Blue and RJ Collins during Battle Rounds "The Voice" Season 12

‘The Voice’ Battles: Watch Gwen Stefani Mesmerized By Body of 18 Year-Old Chris Blue (VIDEO)

A funny thing happened on night two of “The Voice” Battle Rounds for Season 12. Gwen Stefani went gaga for contestant Chris Blue. She blurted out something, without meaning to upset or offend anyone, and it took Adam Levine to point out the obvious. It occurred after the fierce battle between Team Alicia’s singers Chris … Read more

Adam Levine Blind Auditions season 12

‘The Voice: Adam’s HUUGE Blind Auditions Night 4, Watch His New Artists (VIDEO)

“The Voice” season 12 is not that much different in one respect, and that is the slow start experienced by Adam Levine during the Blind Auditions. In recent seasons, the Maroon 5 singer found himself on a losing streak, despite making his best arguments for why he’s the best choice. The pattern continued and early … Read more

‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Season 12: Without Miley Cyrus, a Love Fest (VIDEO)

“The Voice” cranked back up for season 12 and the Blind Auditions are in progress. There’s a third night of Blinds coming up on Thursday night, but after two nights, the teams are evenly matched. Alicia Keys convinced four artists to join Team Alicia, while the other coaches snagged three singers each. Did you notice … Read more

Sundance Head, Billy Gilman and We McDonald backstage at The Voice" Finale Pt. 1

‘The Voice’ Finale Tough Choice: Each Deserves To Win, So Who Ya’ Got? (Video Performances)

“The Voice” Season 11 final four performances make today’s choice one of the most difficult in recent history on the show. If you are voting based on the final show, it’s difficult to see any weaknesses you can point to. For this viewer the feeling was unique. Each time a finalist sang a cover song … Read more