Sundance Head, Billy Gilman and We McDonald backstage at The Voice" Finale Pt. 1

‘The Voice’ Finale Tough Choice: Each Deserves To Win, So Who Ya’ Got? (Video Performances)

“The Voice” Season 11 final four performances make today’s choice one of the most difficult in recent history on the show. If you are voting based on the final show, it’s difficult to see any weaknesses you can point to. For this viewer the feeling was unique. Each time a finalist sang a cover song … Read more

Christian Cuevas, Aaron Gibson, Ali Caldwell, Brendan Fletcher, Josh Gallagher, "The Voice" season 11 semi-final results show

‘The Voice’ Semi-Final Bloodbath: Ali Caldwell and Christian Cuevas Lose Instant Save To Josh Gallagher

“The Voice” semi-final results show, a/k/a the bloodbath shaved half the singers from the stage in an hour, including three who fought for the last spot in the four-person final group. From eight to four in very emotional circumstances and at the end of the night, Team Adam Levine had two of his three still … Read more

Austin Allsup, Courtney Harrell, Adam Gibson and host Carson Daly face the Instant Save to get into Top 8 "The Voice"

‘The Voice’ Top 10 Results: Did Adam Levine Help Aaron Gibson Get Instant Saved..Again?

We watched, stunned as “The Voice” Instant Save produced the name of Aaron Gibson AGAIN, leaving two members of Team Blake in the dust. Eliminated from the Top 10 were Courtney Harrell and Austin Allsup. First off, what is the lesson we’ve learned about Gibson, other than that he wins in head-to-head competition, but not … Read more

‘The Voice’ Top 10 Week: Team Adam Or Team Blake Will Produce Season Winner, Right?

It’s Top 10 week on “The Voice” and only Team Adam and Team Blake have three artists left. Team Miley and Team Alicia lost one singer a piece in the past two weeks with Cyrus’ Darby Walker eliminated after the Instant Save last week.¬†Adam and Blake are the savvy veterans while Miley and Alicia are … Read more