Daniel Lissing as Jack on "When Calls the Heart" on Hallmark Channel

‘When Calls the Heart’ Recap: Is Jack Ready To Propose to Elizabeth, Finally?

During the most recent episode in season four of “When Calls the Heart”, a few things stood out. During “Heart of a Teacher”, Jack faced both a personal and professional crisis and Hope Valley realized they have a mayor who is more beholden to the railroad than the town’s citizens. Elizabeth learned from Mayor Gowen … Read more

Henry Cummins and Erin Krakow in "Heart of a Teacher" on episode 5 of "When Calls the Heart".

‘When Calls the Heart’: Scandal Engulfs Elizabeth Who Fights Back

Updated: RECAP of the episode. Kids walk out of school, Wyatt manhandles the town nurse. “When Calls the Heart” continues tonight on Hallmark Channel and everyone wants to know if Elizabeth will be able to return to her job as the town’s school teacher. In “Heart of a Teacher” we’ll watch her fight to do just … Read more

Martin Cummins, Lori Loughlin, Jeremy Guilbaut on "When Calls the Heart"

‘When Calls the Heart’ Preview: Are Abigail and Elizabeth’s Jobs At Risk? (PREVIEW)

Updated with RECAP posted below!  “When Calls the Heart” continues season four tonight on Hallmark Channel and just when you thought we were finished with outlaws and strife about the railroad, you find you’re wrong. In the episode “Change of Heart” the Tate brothers decided to hit another target when their raid on the stagecoach … Read more

Erin Krakow, Liam Hughes in "When Calls the Heart" on Hallmark Channel

‘When Calls the Heart’ Recap: Elizabeth’s Crusade For Family Life in Hope Valley

“When Calls the Heart” presented “Heart of the Community” in the latest episode of the series’ season four, and I think we can all agree that it’s Elizabeth…at least at the moment. One of the recurring themes of the season has been the prosperity for Hope Valley with the arrival of the railroad. Along with … Read more

Carnival in Hope Valley to raise money for school supplies on "When Calls the Heart" season 4 episode 3

‘When Calls the Heart’: Watch Lori Loughlin’s Day On Set Then Preview Ep. 3 (VIDEOS)

Updated with recap! Elizabeth’s crusade for families in Hope Valley “When Calls the Heart” continues its season 4 with the episode “The Heart of the Community”.  There’s plenty on tap, as always, including thwarting plans for outlaws to rob the stagecoach carrying railroad payroll. Yes, that pesky railroad keeps bringing unwanted activity. Check out the … Read more