Bob Wright. YUKON MEN, Discovery Channel.

YUKON MEN: Can Tanana Survive As Younger Generation Makes Choices?

YUKON MEN came back for a new season on Discovery Channel last night, and the town is as cold and uninviting than ever. I mean no disrespect to the people of Tanana when I say that; they seem to be good, solid, hard-working people. And, obviously they love their way of life, living off the … Read more

YUKON MEN Will Come Outta the Dark on Sunday!

Tanana, Alaska, is waking up, and YUKON MEN returns this Sunday with all-new episodes on Discovery Channel! It’s not only bone-chilling cold in Tanana, just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle, it is dark for six weeks, and residents are ready for some daylight! Last season, Tanana suffered through record-breaking cold of 70-below zero, and … Read more