Amish Mafia: Illegal Bed-and-Breakfast Sends Merlin Home (VIDEO)

This week on Amish Mafia, fans will find out that, in fact, the Amish do have some hard-core illegal activity going on in their community: a bed and breakfast. Well, Merlin is not sure if an Amish family is really running a forbidden bed and breakfast, welcoming English guests into their home for profit. An … Read more

Latest Challenge for Tickle: Moving Moonshine (VIDEO)

It is a new week for Tickle, and America’s favorite moonshiner has his cover: Tickle’s Tackle. But, now he has to actually set up a store, and figure out how to transfer gallons and gallons of illegal moonshine to his legal facility without getting caught. Hmmmm. Well, you know that if it involves Tickle, it … Read more

Anthony Goes Undercover in Greece on ‘Hotel Impossible’

Anthony Melchiorri and Hotel Impossible went old-school undercover to fix Litohoro Olympus Resort and Villas, a four-star resort in the minds of its owners. The Hotel Fixer entered the property without the usual fanfare of the reality TV show cameras blazing and boom microphones picking up all the sound. It was one of the funniest … Read more

Investigation Discovery Sponsoring Free Self-Defense Classes in NYC This Week

As part of the premiere of Investigations Discovery’s new series, Surviving Evil, the network is partnering with New York sports clubs and offering self-defense seminars for anyone who fears becoming a victim, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who Should Attend? Would you know what to do if you found yourself alone … Read more

Jungle Gold: Should Scott Return to Ghana After Son’s Autism Diagnosis?

Scott Lomu found out last night on Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold that his youngest son has been diagnosed with autism. Now, he is struggling with whether or not to return to digging gold in Ghana. Should he? It is hard to see how he can choose not to. The Tough Get Going to Ghana Scott Lomu … Read more