Necessary Roughness: TK Reality Show Idea

Fans of USA’s Necessary Roughness don’t have to wait a whole week to get more of the fabulous Mehcad Brooks as football star Terence King. The show’s website is featuring Brooks in a series of webisodes focused on TK.  Link posted below. In the latest installment, TK has reality show cameras set up in his … Read more

Breaking Bad Scoop Tonight: ‘Writers’ Room’ on Sundance (Video)

Sundance Channel intros its original TV show The Writers Room tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET. Produced in conjunction with Entertainment Weekly,  the six-episode series kicks off Monday July 29 with a free-wheeling discussion among creators and members of the cast of AMC’s, Breaking Bad.  Video clip posted below. The show is hosted by Academy Award©-winning … Read more

Necessary Roughness: TK Scammed By Sheera

Necessary Roughness took a stroll down the sad side during the episode “Good Will Haunting”. Dr. Dani Santino cannot shake bad dreams about Carl, her patient who committed suicide, and even thinks she sees him in her home on occasion. Carl left a flash drive of info for Dani that she spent the whole episode … Read more