Top Of The Lake marathon, catch up on Emmy nominated series

Sundance Channel announced a marathon viewing of its critically acclaimed mini-series drama Top of the Lake starring Elisabeth Moss. The network is offering viewers an opportunity to enjoy the first season’s seven episodes back-to-back on July 28th from 1pm -8pm ET/PT. Applauded by critics when it first aired in March, Sundance Channel was proud to … Read more

Necessary Roughness: Dr. Dani Santino The Workaholic

How are you liking Dr. Dani Santino’s new workplace? I miss the football team setting and the regular romantic tension among Dani, mysterious Nico and nice guy (?) Matt. There was no lack of fun things going on. The talent agency V3 started out being all about gorgeous Connor McClane, played by the equally fabulous … Read more

Royal Pains: Will Divya Tell Rafa About Baby?

In this season of Royal Pains, HankMed is under attack from a busybody Hamptons matron, Hank is still recovering from getting blown up outside Boris’ place, and Divya is pregnant. Update: Season 6 premiere recap, Divya’s baby, Hank’s back and who is Emma’s father? Oh yeah and Boris isn’t dead but his brother, that’s right … Read more