Altman ‘Shoulda’ Put a Ring On It’ MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA

Josh Altman is ready to put an exquisite and expensive engagement ring on Heather’s finger, but on MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LOS ANGELES, it’s the ring he didn’t buy or offer that came back to bite him. Doesn’t Bravo already have a bickering Beverly Hills Housewives show? Are Josh Flagg and Josh Altman sitting in for … Read more

BAR HUNTERS Open For Business Monday on Discovery (VIDEO)

Have a dream of running your own bar? Well, brace yourself:  At least half of all bars fail within the first year. But, if this is you, don’t despair! Renowned bar expert and sommelier Tom Powers has helped open more than two dozen restaurants and bars successfully, and he just might be on his way … Read more

TOP CHEF: NEW ORLEANS, Bret’s Kale Salad Debacle

TOP CHEF: NEW ORLEANS was on site at the iconic restaurant, Commander’s Palace, giving chef contestants the chance of a lifetime. They were charged with recreating famous dishes of New Orleans’ finest chefs then tasted by two of them — Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme. The challenge included feasting on the dishes one night and … Read more


MYTHBUSTERS Searches for Truth Behind Zombie Culture Tonight (VIDEO)

Everybody loves MYTHBUSTERS. And, nowadays, everybody loves zombies! So, why not combine the two? Well, Discovery Channel has done just that in tonight’s new Mythbusters “Zombie Special.” Testing myths is one thing; how does one test myths on the “walking dead?” And, just WHAT myths are imperative to test? Tonight, fans of MYTHBUSTERS and zombie … Read more

Courage Despite Blood in CHEER PERFECTION season finale

Alisha Dunlap acted as a cheerleader for her team at the U.S. Nationals on the season finale of CHEER PERFECTION. She was full of hope and positive messages. Adversity Strikes When Kylie Holt was kicked in the face in the midst of a great performance, her nose began to bleed. There had to be a … Read more