BEAR GRYLLS Returns to Discovery with New Series on November 11th

Fans of survival expert and outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls will be excited to learn that he is returning to Discovery in an all-new six-part series, BEAR GRYLLS: ESCAPE FROM HELL. Kicking off with a special premiere on November 11, Bear will then be moving to the show’s regular time slot on Wednesdays, beginning November 13. … Read more

How Many Tempers Will Flare Tonight on BERING SEA GOLD: UNDER THE ICE? (VIDEOS)

BERING SEA GOLD: UNDER THE ICE is back tonight, following fan-favorite GOLD RUSH. Can Scott Meisterheim, owner of the telling Anger Management, get a handle on his temper? For that matter, can Steve Riedel lead a crew on Steve’s World of Ice without driving them away due to his unpredictable personality and inability to take … Read more

THE VOICE: Live Results Show Bloodbath, Who Got Screwed?

Who thought it was a good idea for THE VOICE to slash the teams from five singers to three in one night? With the talent this season, singers you’d expect to reach at least the semi-finals bit the dust in a quick one-hour shocker. Who did the coaches save from the bottom three of their … Read more

Exclusive: Tina of ALASKAN WOMEN Dishes – Steve, Jenny and Love

Hard to believe the finale of ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE will air this Sunday on TLC. We saw the ladies look for men who suit them and in Tina’s case it was trial and error. Update: What’s new for Tina? Find out in interview about her new TV appearance Tina took her time finding … Read more

Exclusive FINDING BIGFOOT Interview: Cast Talks with TVRuckus pre-Comic Con!

Animal Planet’s FINDING BIGFOOT is returning this Sunday, November 10, and the four stars of this hit reality series recently sat down with Mechele R. Dillard and answered a few questions for TVRuckus readers about the upcoming season. Mechele R. Dillard/TVRuckus:  So, you guys are going to Nepal and China this season—why Nepal and China? … Read more