Heather Provokes Madison Again on ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’ (VIDEO)

In “Third Degree Burns’ on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Altman did battle with big brother Matt, Madison Hildebrand had a problem with Heather and Josh Flagg successfully completed young agent Billy’s tutoring session. The Altman Brothers Josh and Matt took on a joint project for friends of their parents and as they already … Read more

Breaking Bad: Betsy Brandt talks Marie’s plunge into darkness (VIDEO)

As Breaking Bad continues its final run on AMC, fans have watched as main characters in the show have evolved from previous seasons. One in particular is Marie Schrader, wife of DEA agent Hank Schrader and sister of Skyler White. Actress Betsy Brandt who plays Marie has not had the easiest time on set as … Read more

Alaskan Steel Men: REAL Reality Debuts Tonight on Discovery (VIDEO)

Reality fans who have been longing for another “real” reality show will find their request filled by Discovery Channel tonight when the network’s new series, ALASKAN STEEL MEN, debuts. Are you a fan of the long-running Discovery series, Deadliest Catch? Definitely check out Alaskan Steel Men. Like our favorite Alaskan crab fishermen, Alaskan Steel Men … Read more

Shelby Stanga Fun: Turtle Massages and Snake Head Snapping

Shelby Stanga, The Swamp Man The season is over for HISTORY’s The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man.  Fans of the show were disappointed that Shelby’s solo reality TV debut was so brief. That doesn’t mean we’ve got nothing left from good old Shelby Stanga, heck no. We learned about hog hunting and the importance … Read more