Duck Dynasty: Jesus, not Money, Saved Robertsons Say Miss Kay, Phil

What makes the Robertson family interesting to so many Americans who watch Duck Dynasty faithfully each week on A&E? Many would say that it is the fact that the family is God-centered and professes their faith freely and openly, something that is not seen often on television today. But, it was not always that way. … Read more

Farting Humor Dominating ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’

While everyone likes a good fart joke, TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has gone to great lengths to keep them as a dominant part of the show. Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Shannon walked us through the rules of the game called Doorknob in last week’s episode.  Anyone in the vicinity of someone who farts … Read more

Josh Flagg in his velvet slippers vs. Josh Altman, ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles hit its stride during the episode, “Last Laugh”.  The Josh Altman vs. Josh Flagg scenes were great for one reason only: the casual and calm Flagg hanging out in his velvet slippers poking at Josh Altman and making him crazy. Josh Flagg doesn’t reserve his slip-on velvet numbers for his … Read more

Hank admits pain meds issue, Sacani knows it, ‘Royal Pains’

  As Royal Pains came to the conclusion of the episode, “Pins and Needles” Hank Lawson realized he is in the grip of his pain meds. He’s not the powerful and in-control Hank of HankMed when he’s confronted by Dr. Sacani about it. Initially he bristles at Jeremiah’s suggestion that he’s using too many pills … Read more

Dani drops her robe, Nico follows on ‘Necessary Roughness’

Necessary Roughness ended with Dani leading Nico up to her bedroom, Connor McClane revealing his true nature and Terence King seeing the light. With the USA drama wrapping up its summer season next week, last night’s episode “Sucker Punch” lived up to its name. Dani and Nico Dressed only in her bathrobe, Dani opened her … Read more