LIZARD LICK TOWING: Why is Amy So Angry All the Time Lately?

Boy, sometimes those tows on truTVs Lizard Lick Towing go bad, and they just get worse after they are over. You know, watching last night’s episode, it became pretty clear:  Some of that crazy talk that they come up with is as hard to understand for them as it is for some of us watching. … Read more

‘Oh My Goodness,’ Mark Cuban Is on FAST N LOUD Tonight! (VIDEO)

Mark Cuban is on Discovery Channel’s FAST N’ LOUD tonight, but some fans are not that crazy about the idea. I get it:  The last thing Fast N’ Loud fans, including myself, want to see is Richard and Aaron going all Teutul on us, doing nothing but “theme” builds. But, hey, who doesn’t like Mark … Read more

Source of Ray’s Guilt and Anger Revealed on RAY DONOVAN

In the penultimate episode of the first season of Showtime’s RAY DONOVAN, “Bucky F—in’ Dent” the story was brought to a climax that will be difficult to top in next week’s finale. Those that weren’t aware of the reference to the infamous, soul crushing defeat of the Boston Red Sox at the hands of the … Read more

BREAKING AMISH: LA Cast Goes Home to Face Harsh Realities

Is the cast of Breaking Amish: LA for real? I certainly hope not. Returning to their hometowns, the cast members seemed shocked to find that—gasp—their Amish communities were less than happy to see them. Of course, they were not exactly respectful with their returns—they could have at least changed back into their Amish attire before … Read more

One Secret Lingers after BREAKING BAD ‘Ozymandias’ Episode

BREAKING BAD hit another peak with last night’s show, “Ozymandias”.  It could have served as the series finale, but there are two installments left. How can creator Vince Gilligan and staff possibly top the action, passion and dread experienced by viewers? Who knows, but it’s obvious we are all hoping for more of the raw … Read more