Million Dollar Listing LA Preview: Altman a Reluctant A-Hole

Josh Altman is back at it in tonight’s episode “Last Laugh” of Million Dollar Listing LA on Bravo. It’s right where he left off in last week’s season premiere — as an irritant, a provocateur and what he fears might rise to the level of an a-hole. “There’s something about Flagg that really irritates me,” … Read more

Tickle, Porter Ridge: Where is Discovery Programming Headed?

Tickle and Porter Ridge debuted on Discovery Channel last night. There is little doubt that these two shows will prove to have brought in the audiences when the numbers are tallied. But, while they may be popular regardless, are they “good” shows for Discovery? Tickle, of course, is a spin-off of Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, another … Read more

Cristina to exit Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh explains

Sandra Oh will depart Grey’s Anatomy after the 2013-14 season. The breaking news was reported by The Hollywood Reporter and confirmed by Entertainment Weekly. Grey’s fans will be anxious to learn how Cristina Yang is written out of the scripts. Grey’s Anatomy creator and exec producer Shonda Rhimes said this in a statement: “One of … Read more

New Series PORTER RIDGE Debuts on Discovery Following TICKLE

Fan of Duck Dynasty? Gurney Productions, creators of America’s favorite duck-calling company series, is introducing Discovery fans to a new series, PORTER RIDGE. Set in the hills of Indiana, the folks of Porter Ridge have a tight community that lives by a specific code of life: Respect the Lord, love your family and watch each … Read more

Necessary Roughness Preview: TK PEDs, Clinic Drama (VIDEO)

USA’s Necessary Roughness wades into the very much in the news issue of athletes, performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and the reason so many take the chance of being caught, to get that edge on the field of play. Catch the update of last night’s episode. Dani and Nico get steaming hot, TK makes a hard … Read more