Kilchers Break Out of Winter Cocoons on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER

The Kilchers sped back onto the scene last night on the Discovery Channel, and it looks like ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER is going to be a wild ride once again. Cabin fever had taken over the Kilchers after about eight months of the deep freeze, but in the premiere they were breaking out, working outdoors … Read more

DRUGS, INC. Explores Seattle’s Exploding ‘Molly’ Culture Tonight (VIDEO)

Fans of National Geographic Channel are getting a look at the numerous and gritty facets of the drug culture on the hit series DRUGS, INC. This week, the show takes viewers to Seattle, the town known for coffee, grunge music and, for many, drugs. According to NatGeo, the liberal vibe in Seattle has attracted the … Read more

CALL OF THE WILDMAN Ogling Otters Tonight on Animal Planet

Ernie “Turtleman” Brown, Jr. and his pal Neal are back tonight with an all-new episode of CALL OF THE WILDMAN on Animal Planet. If you’ve never seen the Turtleman in action, tonight would be a great night to take your first look. According to Animal Planet, in “Get Otter My Pond”: “Turtleman comes face-to-face with … Read more

Emily Gets Cut, Makeovers Transform DCC: Making The Team

The girls competing on DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM, got through to week three of training camp, and you know what that means? Makeovers, baby! Hair color and style as well as clothing choices were addressed, and god help the would-be cheerleader who resisted the not so gentle suggestions made by Kelli Finglass, Director … Read more

CEDAR COVE Will Be a Lonely Place for Olivia without Jack (VIDEO)

Fans of Debbie Macomber’s CEDAR COVE on Hallmark Channel are dreading the end of this premiere season of the network’s first original series, but be excited! CEDAR COVE has been renewed for Season Two. Things are complicated for Olivia and Jack right now, with Jack having the opportunity of his lifetime:  His dream job with … Read more