Hardcore Pawn: ‘I Trust No One’ Says Les

Les took back the power last week on truTVs Hardcore Pawn, and now all is right with the world at American Jewelry & Loan. Or, is it? Well, the typical angry customers were flooding the floor as usual, but with Ashley re-instated as a manager, and Seth still on probation, there is still some tension … Read more

Bill Burns Mother’s Day Dinner on ‘Giuliana & Bill’

Giuliana & Bill gave us a great look at how the busy working-celeb parents handle their day-to-day business, including disagreements about who is messier and who can’t cook. In an episode that celebrated Mother’s Day, G was ridiculously nervous about Bill making it a special day for her. What was beautiful to see was that … Read more

‘Alaskan Steel Men’ Debuts Deadly Reality on Discovery This Friday

If you want to work as one of Discovery Channel’s ALASKAN STEEL MEN, there is one main requirement:  No fear. Discovery Channel’s new three-week series, Alaskan Steel Men, is taking viewers inside the extreme world of metal welders in Alaska. These welders perform some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. In fact, 15% … Read more

Shelby The Swamp Man Off History After Eight Episodes

Just as we were getting used to spending an hour each Tuesday watching The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man, HISTORY has pulled the swamp rug out from under us. UPDATE: HISTORY produced two back-to-back specials airing Sunday April 26. At least it’s something, right? Tonight’s two new episodes are being called the season finale. … Read more

Giuliana Rancic: ‘I’m a Collector, Not a Hoarder’ Tonight on Giuliana & Bill

You’ve got to love Giuliana and Bill Rancic for having the sweetest reality show on TV. Tonight’s episode on Style Network, entitled “G’s First Mother’s Day” has another theme besides Bill making his wife’s big day a great one. We’ve watched all the firsts for the Rancics and baby Duke. We saw the baby’s six-month … Read more