Necessary Roughness: TK Scammed By Sheera

Necessary Roughness took a stroll down the sad side during the episode “Good Will Haunting”. Dr. Dani Santino cannot shake bad dreams about Carl, her patient who committed suicide, and even thinks she sees him in her home on occasion. Carl left a flash drive of info for Dani that she spent the whole episode … Read more

Gold Rush Fans Eager for Summer Break in South America

Missing Gold Rush this summer? Well, you’re in luck, because the Discovery Channel is bringing its hit series back for a special summer run, Gold Rush-South America, premiering on Friday, August 2. In Gold Rush-South America, all three crew leaders—Todd Hoffman, Dakota Fred and Parker Schnabel—will take their operations to new extremes. For the first … Read more

Storage Wars N.Y. : Da’ Bronx Starts Season Two

They’re back… the N.Y. Storage Wars gang. For those that missed season one, the characters that populate this N.Y. edition of the storage units auction reality show are: Joe P: nicknamed The Legend, is an old-timer. His aging hippie silver mini-ponytail stands out on the tall bidder.  He isn’t interested in the flea market merchandise … Read more