60 DAYS IN on A&E, Season 2.

’60 Days In’ on A&E: Are Undercover Inmates Really Necessary in the Clark County Jail?

Tonight on A&E, fans will continue taking a closer look at the American justice system with “60 Days In” and “Behind Bars: Rookie Year.” But, are the pseudo-inmates of “60 Days In” really there for the good of Clark County Jail or just there for a TV show? Things are not going that great for … Read more

60 DAYS IN, A&E. Sheriff Jamey Noel.

’60 Days In’: Will Sheriff Jamey Noel Lose 2 of His Fake Inmates Tonight on A&E?

Season Two of cable’s #1 non-fiction series, “60 Days In,” continues to follow eight fake “inmates” tonight on A&E, but that number may be cut by the time the night is over. And, on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year,” Ariel takes a big step in her prison education, guarding a death-row inmate. As fans know, “60 … Read more


‘Behind Bars: Rookie Year’: Lilly Is Disrespected & Intimidated by Inmates Tonight on A&E

Tonight on A&E, viewers are going behind bars, with two of the network’s hit series, “60 Days In” and “Behind Bars: Rookie Year.” More than 100 cameras capture the action on “60 Days In,” documenting the pseudo-inmates’ every move. Living among general population is already turning out to be harder than some of the cast … Read more


‘Behind Bars: Rookie Year’ Premieres Tonight on A&E Following ’60 Days In’ (Video)

Tonight on A&E, fan-favorite hit series “Behind Bars: Rookie Year,” which follows correctional officers during their first year on the job, premieres Season Two. It will follow cable’s #1 new non-fiction series, “60 Days In,” which features pseudo-inmates planted to obtain insider information at the Clark County Jail in Indiana. “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” features … Read more

60 DAYS IN, A&E, Monalisa.

’60 Days In’: Are the Fake Inmates of Season 2 Even More Uncomfortable to Watch than the Season 1 Graduates? (Video)

The reincarnation of “60 Days In” premiered on A&E this week, and viewers met the eight men and women who will be acting as inmates, yes, over a 60-day period … if they can make it. Some seemed more likely to make it than others; at least one seemed more focused on bringing the entire … Read more