Mungo investigates myths and legends around the world on "Expedition Mungo" Animal Planet

‘Expedition Mungo’: EXCLUSIVE Look at Search For South American Bigfoot/Yeti (VIDEO)

The new series on Animal Planet, “Expedition Mungo” is surprising and full of adventure. Meet Mungo, Bear Grylls’ longtime cameraman, who takes center stage for something completely different. He’s traveled to more than 90 countries to capture the world’s wild and wonderful – and sometimes hostile – environments. What else could be out there to tempt him? … Read more

TREEHOUSE MASTERS, Season Finale, Animal Planet. Pete Nelson & Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Tonight TREEHOUSE MASTERS Season Finale Features NASCAR Superstar Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: Video Sneak Peek!

Tonight on Animal Planet, fan-favorite NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. shows off his treehouse on the Season Finale of TREEHOUSE MASTERS. Pete Nelson has dedicated his life to creating masterful treehouse designs for clients looking for the ultimate escape. Making people’s dreams come true, Pete turns peaceful nooks into relaxing–and sometimes simultaneously outrageous–getaways in the … Read more

Curse of the Frozen Gold, Animal Planet, Slumach's Curse

CURSE OF THE FROZEN GOLD Video: What Is the Story Behind Slumach’s Gold & the Lost Creek Mine?

A legend has been perpetuating throughout British Columbia for 100+ years, involving a cursed hoard of gold. If anyone is brave–or, perhaps, foolish–enough to seek it, it is said to be worth billions. And, on Animal Planet tonight, fans of CURSE OF THE FROZEN GOLD can follow six determined explorers in seeking this treasure. Combining … Read more

Wild West Alaska, Animal Planet, gun competition.

WILD WEST ALASKA: Season Finale Stirs Up Jealousy for Phred When Jim Hires New Saleswoman!

The ol’ green-eyed monster invaded Wild West Guns last night when Jim decided to hire a new employee–and Phred had her feathers a bit ruffled on fan-favorite Animal Planet series WILD WEST ALASKA. Jim met a young lady at a gun show, and found her charming and knowledgeable–what better qualities for a gun salesman, right? … Read more

Hallmark Channel, KITTEN BOWL III

PUPPY BOWL XII, KITTEN BOWL III Kick Off Super Bowl Sunday Today with Paws for a Cause on Hallmark Channel & Animal Planet!

Tonight, the Super Bowl commences on CBS. Fans will no doubt be tuning in by the millions to watch the Denver Broncos throw down against the Carolina Panthers for the 50th match-up of this American sports classic. However, other annual favorites air today, as well, when Hallmark Channel opens the stadium doors for KITTEN BOWL … Read more