RECAP ‘Married at First Sight’ Decision Night Shockers: Who Gave In, Who Compromised?

The experts on “Married at First Sight” went three-for-three. That means that they drank some celebratory bubbly when all three couples chose to remain in their marriages at season’s end. Danielle and Cody, Sheila and Nate and Ashley and Anthony agreed to stay married and see where it goes. Congrats to Dr. Pepper Schwarz, Rachel … Read more

Cody Knapek and new wife Danielle at their wedding on season 5 "Married at First Sight"

‘Married At First Sight’ Season 5: Awkwardness Grows Between Cody and Danielle

“Married at First Sight” Season 5 is going rather well for two couples, but not so much for Cody and Danielle. You could play a drinking game by noticing how often Cody says it’s the first time he’s lived with a woman. Actually he used the word, “girl”. At this point, the two fear saying … Read more