DROP DEAD DIVA: Will Writers Let Jane-Grayson Really Happen?

During the DROP DEAD DIVA episode “First Date” Jane and Grayson made some awkward progress towards going on their first date since the revelation of Jane’s true identity. To recap just a smidge: In last week’s two new episodes that began DROP DEAD DIVA’S final season, Grayson and Jane got into a bit of a … Read more

Drop Dead Diva: Who’s Tired of Jane-Grayson Fantasy?

The Drop Dead Diva summer season finale, “50 Shades of  Grayson” ended in a way that the Lifetime drama’s fans know very well: “I love Grayson, I never stopped loving Grayson, Grayson is the one for me.” or at least something like that. There had to be shock among viewers, at least a little. Here’s … Read more