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CAKE BOSS Season Finale Preview: Return of the Italian Social Club, Cigars Anyone? (VIDEO)

We’re at the end of the season for CAKE BOSS and TLC airs new back-to-back episodes Tuesday night November 17 to cap it all off. In the first show, “Windmill, Wedding Cake Twist, Winding Down” Buddy takes a week off, but cake orders don’t slow down. Mauro attempts a windmill cake that needs to spin … Read more

Mary, Joe and Madeline on "Cake Boss"

CAKE BOSS: Momma’s Back Tonight, First Time in Renovated Bakery

CAKE BOSS is all new tonight with back-to-back episodes on TLC beginning at 9 p.m. Up first is “College, Cherry and Challenges” in which a sacred item of Italian baked goods is the subject of a dare. You know how Buddy Valastro loves a challenge, right? This time it comes from an English culinary student … Read more

Lisa and the kids behind the scenes at "Cake Boss"

When Cakes Don’t Look Like Cakes on CAKE BOSS

There are new episodes of CAKE BOSS coming up tonight on TLC but first let’s remind ourselves of how Buddy Valastro handled his big orders last week. He was on a binge of making cakes that didn’t look like cakes and some were monstrously big. First up was a cake to celebrate a local pizzeria’s 110th … Read more

CAKE BOSS Preview: Buddy Teaches Son About Valentine’s Day

Two new CAKE BOSS episodes air back-to-back on TLC Tuesday night beginning at 9 p.m. and for fans that waited more than 18 months for the new season, sit back and enjoy it all. In the new season, we’ve already seen Buddy Valastro’s mom appear in the CAKE BOSS LIVE season premiere and we know … Read more

CAKE BOSS ‘La Famiglia’ Two-Hour Season Premiere, Tonight on TLC (VIDEO)

The new season of CAKE BOSS finally premieres tonight on TLC with Buddy Valastro back and better than ever. It’s a return to Carlo’s Bakery and the unusual cake creations Buddy and the staff produce. The family’s all there and in the sneak peek of the season premiere posted below, you should get a kick … Read more