Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn and Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland (Season 5, Episode 12). - Photo: Stephan R

HOMELAND Finale ‘A False Glimmer’ Recap: Going Into The Light With Quinn

Updated: season 6 preview with video trailer. Who’s back?  Carrie Mathison got two proposals during the season 5 finale of HOMELAND, “A False Glimmer”. She offered one of her own and lingered over what looked to be her goodbye to Peter Quinn. Unlike what we might have thought going into the finale of this very … Read more

Miranda Otto, Mandy Patinkin, F. Murray Abraham in "HOMELAND"

HOMELAND ‘Parabiosis’ Recap: Allison’s Sweating Now That Saul’s On the Run

In “Parabiosis”, Saul swallowed his pride as HOMELAND found a way to rip open the wall of secrets around Allison and gave her that worry-face for most of the episode. Saul faced down Carrie’s pleas for help with disdain, particularly when she insisted that he pass her classified data. On its face the request was … Read more