HOMELAND Finale Spoilers? Stop Whining

After HOMELAND’s  finale aired on the east coast, social media participation was not for the weak and those who had yet to see the show. It’s time to stand up to those who complain about seeing plot spoilers. I’m going to go all political-speak here. Take responsibility for yourself and stop castigating those of us … Read more

HOMELAND Season Finale: Redemption for Brody and The Series

Season three of HOMELAND concluded with last night’s episode “The Star” and redemption for Nicholas Brody might have brought redemption for the season. The show’s cold open let us know that this episode was going to be all business, and so it went. After a week of fans playing the guessing game of “Will they … Read more

HOMELAND: To Kill Brody or Not, That Is The Question

As the HOMELAND season three gets ready to conclude next Sunday, even the most fervent of Brody lovers must realize that he may have to be sacrificed for the good of the show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show’s co-creator Alex Gansa revealed that the Showtime execs wanted Brody kept around. “Showtime was … Read more

HOMELAND: Carrie and Brody Reunited in Dysfunction, Baby Still Secret

HOMELAND reunited Carrie Mathison and her beloved Brody during last night’s episode “One Last Time”. It also reinforced the impression that Saul Berenson is ready for world domination. Carrie’s Suspect Prenatal Care Did you think you were watching “Mad Men” when you spotted Carrie puffing on a cigarette while pregnant? Our intrepid spy already informed … Read more