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‘Sister Wives’: Fans Sit Down with Erica Hill & the Kody Brown Family Tonight; Sneak Peek Video!

It’s time for the Kody Brown family to do their regular sit-down episode tonight on TLC; will they bring anything new to the “Sister Wives” table? Fans watched last week as the Browns took off for Hawaii. Was there conflict? Of course there was; this is the Browns we’re talking about! But, overall, considering the … Read more

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SISTER WIVES Video Preview: With Adoption of Robyn’s Kids Final the Browns Can Party Tonight!

Fans of the Kody Brown family on TLC hit series SISTER WIVES no doubt cheered with them last week when a judge finally granted the adoption they had been seeking. Typically, as the Browns stressed over and over, polygamist families do not win adoption cases. This time, however, they did. In this case, it was … Read more

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SISTER WIVES: Together Time or Pressure Valve for Each Family Team Tonight at Las Vegas Festival? (Video Preview)

Fans of SISTER WIVES have been following the new season closely, learning more about the life of the Browns, including the stresses that constantly plague the household. After all, Kody Brown, family patriarch and sole husband, currently supports four wives and 17–soon to be 18–children. Why wouldn’t the house be weighted under stress? When you … Read more

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SISTER WIVES Recap: Kody & Christine Take Marriage Therapist on 21st Wedding Anniversary Trip

Last night on TLC hit reality series SISTER WIVES, Kody and Christine worked on their marriage and it raised a few difficult questions for the couple–and likely for fans, as well. Each episode of SISTER WIVES begins with the wives and Kody making a statement about polygamy. Fans hear Christine say from week to week, … Read more

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Kody Brown Admits on Season Finale He Considered Ending SISTER WIVES This Season (Video Peek)

UPDATED: No guarantee of adoption after Kody-Meri divorce With the Season Finale of TLC monster-hit series SISTER WIVES airing tonight, it is a good time to wonder, “Just when will this series end—and how?” Kody has his hands full with four wives. His choice, of course, which is the point of the entire series. But, … Read more