BERING SEA GOLD, Discovery Channel. Shawn Pomrenke, Season Premiere.

‘Bering Sea Gold’ Video Exclusive: Season Premiere Finds Shawn Exploding His Empire Reach Tonight!

Money is king in Nome, Alaska, with a modern-day gold rush hitting during the 2016 ice-mining season. And, “Bering Sea Gold” fans all know: Where there is gold, there will be Shawn Pomrenke, AKA “Mr. Gold.” So tonight, fans can get ready for something big to go down on the all-new Season Premiere of “Bering … Read more

BERING SEA GOLD Video Preview Exclusive: Will Pomrenkes Finish Season as a Family?

The gold dredging season on Discovery Channel’s hit series BERING SEA GOLD is rolling right along and time is getting shorter and shorter. As it does every season, time seems to slip away more quickly when there is gold on the line. But, some teams have bigger problems within the ranks—especially the father-son team of … Read more

BERING SEA GOLD Season Finale: Who Are the Winners & Losers of the Hunt for Riches? (Video Sneak Peek)

It has no doubt been a long season for the miners of Discovery Channel’s BERING SEA GOLD, but whether the gold is flowing or the haul is short for the season, there never seems to be a good time to stop dredging for the season. Tonight, however, stop they will, as the Season Finale brings … Read more

BERING SEA GOLD: Can Captain Emily Get Rich with a Poached Crew? (Video Sneak Peek)

BERING SEA GOLD crews are racing towards a big pay day tonight, but not without a rise in tension throughout the fleet. Sometimes there isn’t a clear-cut “right answer” to a claim issue. Tonight, a race leads to a winner, but perhaps not the expected prize. According to Discovery Channel, on episode, “Mr. Gold & … Read more

BERING SEA GOLD Video Exclusive: Pomrenkes Hit Amazing 10-Pound Payday!

The hunt for gold can bring unbelievable stress, and no one knows that better than the Pomrenkes on Discovery Channel’s BERING SEA GOLD. But, nothing relieves stress better than hitting a pay streak—and the Pomrenkes really hit on a pay streak tonight! Fans of BERING SEA GOLD are accustomed to hauls, even great hauls, being … Read more