Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn on "Homeland"

HOMELAND ‘New Normal’ Recap: Bigger Survivor, Quinn Or Allison?

In “New Normal”, HOMELAND echoed themes of what we are experiencing in the age of terrorism and mass shootings. While what we see horrifies us and the acts differ in scale, we are no longer shocked, because we have come to grips with the fact that this won’t go away anytime soon. Boots on the … Read more

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn

HOMELAND Ep. 9 Recap: RPGs Trump Best Laid Plans For Saul

HOMELAND ended the episode “There’s Something Else’s Going On”, with another SUV bombing scene, but this time, it wasn’t Brody’s, it was in Islamabad rather than DC and more importantly, it carried Saul and Carrie. Carrie smells a rat One of the most tense scenes in┬áHOMELAND’s four seasons on the air had to have you … Read more

Suraj Sharma

HOMELAND Recap: Carrie’s Virgin Strategy with Aayan

HOMELAND went headlong into the Carrie method of running a CIA station during “Iron in the Fire” and Peter Quinn had a front row seat to it all. Without Brody and baby Franny to distract her, Carrie has returned to her HOMELAND roots of obsessing about catching the bad guys before they hurt Americans and … Read more

Claire Danes

HOMELAND Season 4 Ep. 3 Video Preview: Quinn Strikes Back

HOMELAND moves on from its season premiere, but Peter Quinn isn’t so lucky. In tonight’s episode, “Shalwar Kameeze”, he must deal with the consequences of botching Sandy Bachman’s escape in Islamabad and gets more than a dose of Dar Adal. Quinn entered┬áHOMELAND as a mysterious figure and pupil of Dar Adal, with a special skill … Read more

HOMELAND Season Finale: Redemption for Brody and The Series

Season three of HOMELAND concluded with last night’s episode “The Star” and redemption for Nicholas Brody might have brought redemption for the season. The show’s cold open let us know that this episode was going to be all business, and so it went. After a week of fans playing the guessing game of “Will they … Read more