Restaurant Startup season finale, Battle of the Dishes

RESTAURANT STARTUP Season Finale Preview: gastroPod vs. S&R, Has Joe Bastianch Met His Match? (VIDEOS)

Here’s a quote from tonight’s season 3 finale of RESTAURANT STARTUP that will make you laugh and it’s from the mouth of Joe Bastianich. “A strong personality can be a big pitfall,” he tells one of the duos looking for an investment tonight. If you’ve been watching the episodes this season, you know that Joe … Read more

Marcus Lemonis at Farmgirl Flowers on "The Profit"

THE PROFIT at Farmgirl Flowers UPDATE: Do Investors Balk at Woman-Owned Business? (VIDEO)

Marcus Lemonis visits the San Francisco tech company boom territory as THE PROFIT focuses on a business that is decidedly old-school. Farmgirl Flowers doesn’t sell virtual flowers, it sells fresh flowers. Founder Christina Stembel may be the first entrepreneur on THE PROFIT that is following the start-up model of Silicon Valley. Her aim is to … Read more

Deanne Bell and George Zaidan "Make Me a Millionaire Inventor"

MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE INVENTOR Video Preview: UV Auto Window Shade and All-In-One Hunting Tool

MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE INVENTOR is all new tonight on CNBC Primetime. Two more inventors are taken under the wing of George Zaidan and Deanne Bell, and given the chance to develop an idea into a product with a business plan ready for potential investors to consider. Bell is an engineer, television host, and the … Read more

WEST TEXAS INVESTORS CLUB Preview: Pickles and Food Trucks For Butch and Rooster

The WEST TEXAS INVESTORS CLUB is back in session tonight on CNBC, and the usual suspects are there. Mike “Rooster” McConaughey (yes, he’s related to Matthew) and Wayne “Butch” Gilliam, joined by their longtime pal and adviser Gil Prather. The boys are checking out two new business opportunities in their unique way. The series is … Read more

Deanne Bell

MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE INVENTOR Premieres on CNBC: Big Ideas Become Real

CNBC is ready to debut its new series, MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE INVENTOR, a show that gives new hope to inventors, thanks to engineering experts Deanne Bell and George Zaidan. They did their due diligence and chose money-making ideas that have languished for want of the necessary resources. Their next step was to track down … Read more