DUAL SURVIVAL, Discovery Channel. Jeff Zausch, EJ Snyder.

‘Dual Survival’: EJ & Jeff Gracious & Likeable but Just Cannot Seem to Find That Entertaining Host Vibe

“Dual Survival” continued on Discovery Channel with an all-new episode last night and the latest hosts, Army combat veteran EJ Snyder and wilderness survivalist Jeff Zausch. Reaction to the pair has been mixed, perhaps even leaning toward the negative. And, the question still remains: Why make the change at all? It’s hard to say, really, … Read more

DUAL SURVIVAL, Discovery Channel. New hosts EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch.

‘Dual Survival’ New Hosts Premiere Tonight: Will Fans Boycott Replacement Team of Jeff Zausch & EJ Snyder? (Video)

UPDATED: EJ & Jeff gracious and likeable, but just not finding the connection with fans, yet? Read more and give us your thoughts here on TVRuckus! Tonight, fans of Discovery Channel hit series “Naked and Afraid” may be surprised to see fan favorite survivalists, Army combat veteran EJ Snyder and wilderness survivalist Jeff Zausch, walking … Read more

Grady Powell, Bill McConnell, Discovery Channel, DUAL SURVIVAL

DUAL SURVIVAL Recap: Did the New Team of Bill & Grady Work for Fans?

Last night, the latest incarnation of DUAL SURVIVAL premiered on Discovery Channel. As long-time fans are aware, the show began with the duo of Cody and Dave. Then, Cody was partnered with Joe. After that pairing went nowhere, Matt was brought on the show with Joe. And, this season, the slate was wiped clean with … Read more

Dual Survival in South Georgia swamp.

DUAL SURVIVAL: Murky, Deadly Waters of South Georgia Swamps Await Joe & Matt Tonight!

Joe Teti and Matt Graham are facing another challenge tonight on Discovery Channel’s hit series DUAL SURVIVAL, this time in a muddy, murky swamp—one filled with spiders, snakes and, yes, alligators. It is bad enough when the DUAL SURVIVAL duo have to work together to fight the natural terrain and weather. But, when the situation … Read more

Joe Teti on deserted tropical island.

DUAL SURVIVAL: Will Joe & Matt Survive Each Other on Barren Island with No Obvious Route to Rescue?

Tonight on an all-new, two-part DUAL SURVIVAL, Joe and Matt may not be getting in and out as quickly as they usually do, even if, as Joe is fond of saying, they “move with a purpose.” Joe and Matt have a pretty good thing going with their DUAL SURVIVAL partnership. They get along, they work … Read more