SCANDAL Recap: Jake Tells Olivia, ‘You Know What I’m Doing’ and So Did We, Right?

SCANDAL aired “The Fish Rots From the Head”, and there was plenty of love-making, because President Fitzgerald Grant is in his slut phase as he moves through the post-Olivia Pope era. As you can see from the video posted below, Olivia began to lecture Fitz, in the Oval no less, and the two begin a … Read more

Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington in "Scandal"

SCANDAL ‘Rasputin’ Recap: The New Olitz, Imprisoned In the White House

As “Rasputin” concluded on SCANDAL, you could be forgiven for wondering if we had tripped into American Horror Story territory. You know that familiar calm that comes over the face of someone who has evil in his eyes, but speaks as if it’s love? Damn if that wasn’t Fitzgerald Grant, when he told Olivia, “I’m … Read more

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope "Scandal"

SCANDAL ‘You Got Served’: Looks Like Vermont and Jam Getting Closer

SCANDAL has reached the point where the Olivia Pope affair is threatening the presidency of Fitzgerald Grant. In “You Got Served”, the Senate committee voted to investigate the situation and all parties brought in lawyers and consultants. We’ve followed Fitz through his first campaign and election, then his reelection. He threatened to resign and divorce … Read more

Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn in "Scandal"

SCANDAL ‘Paris Is Burning’ Recap: Scariest Duo, Cyrus And Mellie Or Jake and Papa Pope?

During the latest episode of SCANDAL “Paris Is Burning”, Abby became Olivia 2.0, Mellie got played by Cyrus, Olivia fixed her own scandal, Fitz got “Poped” and Jake wanted to see Rowan, almost as much as he wanted to save Olivia. Then there was that final scene twist, the one that will send the Shonda … Read more

Jeff Perry

SCANDAL Recap: Cyrus Craves More Than Meat

SCANDAL opened “State of the Union” with Cyrus Beene hissing into the face of Olivia Pope about him being forced to become a vegetarian. He was not a happy man. “Craving meat really brings out the worst in me,” Olivia was told after Cyrus threatened her with an IRS audit if she did not go … Read more