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‘Ice Road Truckers’: Does Steph Custance Have What It Takes to Go Solo Tonight?

Tonight on History Channel, fans of “Ice Road Truckers” will be tuning in to see how the winter roads are faring, and, thus far, it doesn’t look good. Everyone is having problems tonight but, then again, isn’t that what “Ice Road Truckers” is all about, week to week? This season, Polar boss Mark Kohaykewych needed … Read more

ICE ROAD TRUCKERS, History Channel. Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward.

‘Ice Road Truckers’: Season X Continues Tonight as Rookie Steph Attempts to Complete Her First Load

Tonight on History Channel, the trucks continue to roll on hit series, “Ice Road Truckers.” And, no doubt fans will be tuning in, following the untimely death of ice road trucker Darrell Ward in a plane crash; he was only 52. We remember when Darrell hit the scenes of History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers.” He … Read more

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Darrell Ward, ‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star & Montana Trucking Legend, Killed in Plane Crash at 52

We were shocked and saddened–utterly shocked–to learn of reality star Darrell Ward’s death today. The “Ice Road Truckers” ace has come a long way over the seasons, and we, along with all of the fans of this History Channel fan-favorite, will miss him. Anytime a death occurs, it is shocking; when someone as young and … Read more

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‘Ice Road Truckers’ Breakdown: Tonight Lisa Kelly Struggles to Find Help While Darrell Ward Rolls the Off-Road Dice!

UPDATED August 29, 2016: Read about the unfortunate death of ICE ROAD TRUCKERS star and Montana trucking legend, Darrell Ward. Tonight on History Channel, the winter roads continue to melt away before the season can really get going on “Ice Road Truckers.” Towns are panicking, worried that they will not get the supplies they so … Read more

ICE ROAD TRUCKERS, History Channel. Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward.

‘Ice Road Truckers’ Season Premiere: IRT X Teams Hit the Road Tonight, but Will It Melt Right Out from Under Them?

Tonight on History Channel, a fan-favorite hit is coming back for an all-new season: “Ice Road Truckers,” dubbed “IRT: X” for Season 10. And, it appears it is going to be a season unlike any other seen on the series yet. The truckers have kept the roads hot on History Channel for the last nine … Read more