Street Outlaws banner, Discovery Channel

STREET OUTLAWS Recap: Texas Has Nothin’ but Mouth for the 405

Last night on Discovery Channel’s STREET OUTLAWS, the 405 travelled to Texas, and got some wins under their collective belt. But, did they really redeem themselves in any fashion, in the direction of once again claiming the title of “fastest street racers in the nation”? In order to really be the champs, the 405 has … Read more

Alan Beiler, Amish Mafia

AMISH MAFIA Finale Recap: Levi Has a Child, Alan Is in Charge & Mary Is Mrs. Merlin Miller!

AMISH MAFIA closed its viewfinder to the public last night, with the Series Finale episode, and then a FINAL final episode, a tell-all from cast members which did not really reveal that much more—but it did promote Levi’s new book quite a bit. Amish Confidential by “Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus and Ellis Henican, described by Discovery … Read more