Restaurant Startup season finale, Battle of the Dishes

RESTAURANT STARTUP Season Finale Preview: gastroPod vs. S&R, Has Joe Bastianch Met His Match? (VIDEOS)

Here’s a quote from tonight’s season 3 finale of RESTAURANT STARTUP that will make you laugh and it’s from the mouth of Joe Bastianich. “A strong personality can be a big pitfall,” he tells one of the duos looking for an investment tonight. If you’ve been watching the episodes this season, you know that Joe … Read more

RESTAURANT STARTUP UPDATE: Shamone vs. The Copper Hen, The Winner Got Two Offers

Joe Bastianich shares the stage with Elizabeth Blau tonight on CNBC’S RESTAURANT STARTUP as the money people choose between Shamone and The Copper Hen. Update/recap of the show posted below. Update/recap of new show I Got Balls vs. Rolz…did everyone have balls? Joe’s been feisty this season and took a break last week when Chef … Read more

Chef Tim Love and Elizabeth Blau on "Restaurant Startup"

RESTAURANT STARTUP Recap: Peli Peli Kitchen Or Full Circle Sliders, Who Got $1Million + Investment?

The fast-casual dining space was the subject of the latest competition on CNBC’s RESTAURANT STARTUP. We were introduced to the show’s new investor, Elizabeth Blau, who sat beside Chef Tim Love in place of mainstay Joe Bastianich. Joe’s been so feisty this season, it was a nice change of pace. Elizabeth starred again in the … Read more