BERING SEA GOLD, Discovery Channel. Shawn Pomrenke, Season Premiere.

‘Bering Sea Gold’ Video Exclusive: Season Premiere Finds Shawn Exploding His Empire Reach Tonight!

Money is king in Nome, Alaska, with a modern-day gold rush hitting during the 2016 ice-mining season. And, “Bering Sea Gold” fans all know: Where there is gold, there will be Shawn Pomrenke, AKA “Mr. Gold.” So tonight, fans can get ready for something big to go down on the all-new Season Premiere of “Bering … Read more

Emily Riedel & Zeke Tenhoff, Bering Sea Gold, Discovery Channel.

BERING SEA GOLD Video Preview: Can Zeke & Emily Together Possibly Succeed with Their All-Female Rookie Crew?

Tonight on an all-new BERING SEA GOLD on Discovery Channel, what is already proving to be a difficult season for some is going forward, just as it always does with this gold-hungry crowd! There are a lot of changes taking place this season. One big one is Emily working with Zeke Tenhoff, her former boyfriend … Read more

Bering Sea Gold Season 5 Premiere on Discovery Channel.

BERING SEA GOLD Season Premiere Tonight: Can Emily Pull Off an All-Female Crew This Season? (Video Preview)

From Original Productions, creators of the multiple Emmy Award-winning series “Deadliest Catch,” the fifth season of BERING SEA GOLD premieres tonight, Friday, September 4, on the Discovery Channel. And, that means a month–or less–of miners searching the floor of the Bering Sea for gold … and that always-elusive profit. It’s winter time in Nome, Alaska, … Read more

Emily Riedel, Season Finale of BERING SEA GOLD

BERING SEA GOLD Season Finale: Emily Riedel Pushes for Big Finish! (Video Preview)

It has been a long, hard season for all of the dredgers on Discovery Channel’s hit series, BERING SEA GOLD. Some, as always, have been more successful than others. Tonight, fans find out just who got the gold they needed in the end, and who is going home with empty pockets on the Season Finale. … Read more

Emily Riedel, Bering Sea Gold

BERING SEA GOLD: Captain Emily Begins to Rebuild Her Operation Tonight (Video)

Will Captain Emily Riedel be able to save her season on BERING SEA GOLD? Captain Emily has not had a lot of success building, as she says, a “family” with the Eroica. It seems that many of the more successful teams out on the water, whether they are working on retrieving gold, fish or crab, … Read more