The ladies of "Escaping Polygamy", new season on A&E

‘Escaping Polygamy’ EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 Of Rescuing Suzette’s Daughters from FLDS (VIDEO)

“Escaping Polygamy” continues tonight on A&E at 10 p.m. et/pt with the second part of “Give Me Back My Daughters”. The drama begins early after the team helped an anguished mom, Suzette, locate at least one of her older daughters still living in a “house of hiding” with the FLDS. Susie Mae was found after … Read more

Jessica, Andrea, and Shanell from A&E's "Escaping Polygamy" Photo by Karolina Wojtasik Copyright 2016

‘Escaping Polygamy’: A Sad, No-Win Situation Ends Predictably for FLDS Mom Lizzy

Updated: EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of Yolanda’s story of transformation on “After the Escape” Sad, sad, sad; that is the best way to describe the latest episode of “Escaping Polygamy” that aired on A&E last night. Sad, and perhaps scary, as well. Lately, “Escaping Polygamy” has featured several cases involving the FLDS sect, dominated by so-called … Read more


‘Escaping Polygamy’ Recap: Is Jennifer Really Heading Back to The Order?

UPDATED: Will the sisters head back into FLDS territory again? Read our preview of “Crossing Enemy Lines, Part 2.” Last night on A&E, the ladies of “Escaping Polygamy” once again were venturing into FLDS territory, helping a young woman who wanted to spring her sister from the grips of the polygamous cult. But, it was … Read more


SISTER WIVES: How Will Maddie React to Rejection from the Mainstream Mormon Church Tonight?

Tonight on TLC hit SISTER WIVES, Kody Brown tries to deal with a problem lots of dads out there can likely relate to: trying to relate to daughters. This is an issue that is universal, regardless of one’s views on polygamy–although most dads probably do not have as many daughters to try and connect with … Read more

ESCAPING THE PROPHET: Ex-FLDS Member Flora Jessop on a Mission

As the new year approaches, TLC continues with plans to premiere ESCAPING THE PROPHET, a compelling new series featuring ex-FLDS member and social activist Flora Jessop. Flora Jessop is a well-know former FLDS member, now on a mission to take down one of the most reportedly dangerous polygamist cults in America. Flora, a social activist, … Read more