Kim Kimble still attends to her celeb clients on LA Hair

‘LA Hair’: Shady Gocha and Nadja a Team? SMH! (Preview Video)

“L.A. Hair” never ceases to amaze, when you think about all the projects Kim Kimble has going; now there’s her new success with the Kimble product line sold via HSN. Last week we watched her pitch the company, and the big news that she got the green light. In the next episode, titled “McCray Cray … Read more

Kim Kimble, LA HAIR

Kim Kimble Interview: LA HAIR, Gocha and Antin, Reunion Show Preview

Don’t miss the final look of the season at LA HAIR, Thursday October 29 on WE tv, with the reunion special titled LA CONFIDENTIAL. The gang’s all there and scores are ready to be settled as the fractured salon comes to grips with the shocking developments of the season finale. Check out the video preview … Read more

Terry and Kim Kimble on "LA Hair"

LA HAIR Exclusive Preview Video: Elise Neal Gets Glam ‘Everyday’ Look From Kim Kimble

LA HAIR excels at bringing us into the real business of Kim Kimble when she styles her private celeb clients. Tonight’s special guest is Elise Neal on “Snitches Get Stitches”. She’s in the middle of making a film and her character requires an “everyday” look. But, as Kim Kimble says, “Even an everyday look has … Read more

Kim Kimble, Jonathan Antin and Kim's staff on "LA Hair"

LA HAIR Video Preview: Jonathan lies About Kim on Local News Show (VIDEO)

LA HAIR presents “Time For Some Hair-therapy” tonight on WE tv and just when you thought things couldn’t ramp up further between Kim Kimble and Jonathan Antin, you will have to think again. Antin called himself, “the Trump of Hair”, during a segment on the KTLA morning news in Los Angeles as he described what … Read more

Gocha and Angela on "LA Hair"

LA HAIR Preview: Kim Kimble Doing Squats in Stilettos (VIDEO)

Hang on tight for tonight’s new episode of LA HAIR, “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” because Kim Kimble goes toe-to-toe with the people who have gotten under her skin for too long. It’s Jonathan Antin’s time to return the favor after Kim’s prank. Kimble had her stylists drop off a hair extension vending machine covered with … Read more