SCANDAL Recap: Jake Tells Olivia, ‘You Know What I’m Doing’ and So Did We, Right?

SCANDAL aired “The Fish Rots From the Head”, and there was plenty of love-making, because President Fitzgerald Grant is in his slut phase as he moves through the post-Olivia Pope era. As you can see from the video posted below, Olivia began to lecture Fitz, in the Oval no less, and the two begin a … Read more

Kerry Washington, "Scandal"

SCANDAL: Why Is The Jake-Olivia Pope Sex So Angry?

Tonight on SCANDAL, it’s “The Candidate” meaning Mellie Grant For President. After Olivia Pope agrees to look at her new book and advise Mellie on its content, along with how to use it to her advantage in the campaign, Mellie forgets who she is dealing with, just for one moment. “You asked for Olivia Pope. … Read more

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on "Scandal"

SCANDAL Recap: Is Fitz Part of The NSA Caper Or a Puppet of Papa Pope?

Olivia and Fitz broke up and yet, SCANDAL demonstrated that their lives never ceased to intersect. In “It’s Hard Out There for a General”, the game pieces on the board shifted sides, but the players remained the same. As Sally Langston intoned the word “power” repeatedly in that smooth drawl of hers, telling her cable … Read more

Kerry Washington, "Scandal"

SCANDAL Returns: Olivia’s Wearing Red, OPA’s Got a Juicy Case And Jake is Back?

You might need a bit of a catch-up before tonight’s return of SCANDAL. Off its winter break, the show returns with a time jump of six months since Olivia Pope declared her independence, left Fitz in the White House, had an abortion and returned to Pope & Associates. Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL, “It’s Hard Out … Read more

Scott Foley

SCANDAL Recap: Olivia Unapologetic, Seizes the Oval in “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance”

SCANDAL sent us to a dark place in “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance” and gave us more of what we fear the most – an evil Olivia Pope. The impeachment attempt is over and Fitz is taking a victory lap. He even forgave Liv for running out of the Oval as they were … Read more